Sunday, October 17, 2010

Going for it

It's decided. I will interrupt my job for 9 months and will fly as much as I can during that time. The main target is the World Championship this summer in Italy. In the meanwhile, I hope to learn and experience a lot.
My budget is limited, very limited. Some promising talks with possible sponsors have failed to deliver anything. Last week there was a TV broadcast showing how difficult it is to find sponsorship for not well known sports. One of the interviewed sportsmen was Bert Schmelzer, sailplane pilot and 6th during the last world champs. He couldn't find any sponsors either...
Anyway, the flight to Australia is booked. Now I need to find a way to get the glider there.
And interrupting the job means that I have two more months before I need to say goodbye to a good friend during the past hang gliding years. The BMW 1 always carried my glider in style :-) Best car I ever had!