Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beautiful January Flying

Today, after 3 months, I finally got to fly again. NE wind predictions gave a decent chance to be able to fly in Beauraing (N ridge) and with predictions for 3 to 4 Bft, I hit the road.

Upon arrival, the situation looked different. 1-2 Bft and more than 45 degrees cross wind. That was not going to do it. A bit of waiting and conditions seemed to improve slightly. A bit later, Rudy arrived, while 1 paraglider pilot was about to attempt launch. Rudy had much more confidence about the lift than I had and he turned out to be right.

We flew under a dark grey sky, now and than we were hit by just a bit of snow and we even had some very light thermals. It just was good to be in the air. Halfway through the flight I realized it probably was my last flight with my Aeros Combat 14.2. It's my first topless glider and it's been a trustworthy and fast companion for the last 2 years. Damn, I even noticed some emotional attachment to the bird while derigging it...