Monday, February 27, 2012

New Aeros Combat 13.5 GT arrived!

Alright. Last week, a long box was delivered in Antwerp. And this weekend, I could finally unpack it. Doesn't it already look good?

Even while it still is short-packed? Lol ;-)

This is a rather nice change: the pushpins on the A-frame corners are a bit bigger. Can be handy!

This one has a keel cover. But what surprises me a little is the pushpin instead of a quick release to unlock the keel. The pushpin is something which is not as easy to use as a quick release and, more importantly, something you can lose on a rocky surface or in long grass...

Inside the right wing:

I didn't order the new winglets, but apparently they are the new standard now. They are incredibly light. I'm curious how they fly. Will need to test :-)

The pulleys for the moveable CG system which gives more comfortable high speed glides:

The fully tensioned top surface of the right wing looking clean:

And a clean center section as well:

Oooooh, look at this, the blade in full glory! I hope it flies as good as it looks!

And of course, no sail rolls nicer than a Combat sail:

I simply can't wait to fly it, but I still need longer hang straps. Forgot to mention that on the order... Anyway, let's hope we get a nice day soon. I've read too many Australian and Slovenian reports and seen too many pictures! Fingers crossed for an unstable spring :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Belgian Comp Pilots

I'm pleased to notice that we will have a decent Belgian delegation at this year's Trofeo Montegrappa. Next to Tom and me, Kurt, Gerry and Bert will take part. Three guys who are relatively new to comp flying, but keen to learn. Reminds me of 3 years ago, when the Trofeo was my second comp, still on the Spyder. Watch out, the Belgians are coming :-)

Monday, February 6, 2012

1964: Early attempts

Dickenson experimented in 1963 and these guys seem to have tried it their way in 1964: