Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nice video by Nils

Nils produced a nice video about the 2 weeks flying in Ager this summer (Belgian/Catalan Open and British Nationals). Have a look:

Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 DeBeNeCup - Final Round in Maillen

After 2 successful weekends in the Netherlands and in Germany in June, the last, Belgian, weekend of the DeBeNeCup had been postponed to last weekend due to bad weather. And for last weekend, the weather looked bad again, although there was a possibility for pretty good post-frontal weather on Sunday. It's complicated, isn't it?

Not everybody trusted, but 15 pilots did still show up, hoping for the best. And it did indeed look good enough while briefing, where we declared a 50 km task, heading for Rochefort.

Half an hour after briefing though, the clouds on the horizon changed drastically and soon after we had 90% cloud cover. Hoping to still be able to reach the sun, I launched as soon as I could. Behind the new Belgian dragonfly :-) The BeNeCup was first organized in 2012, while we were looking forward to the delivery of the plane and this weekend was finally the first time that Rinus' DF and the Belgian DF paired up for our towing comp. Which was a big success!

It was futile though, a few kms out, I climbed 100 m above Koos, who was circling very low down, not able to gain height anymore, and that was it. 10 km.

Many waited 2 hours for the sky to clear and had some light thermals then. Gijs won the day with 15 km :-) The results can be found on

For the 2013 DeBeNeCup, I was allowed to take the honours with Gijs a close second and Koos in third. I hope you all enjoyed the flying and will be back next year. And hopefully with some more Belgians. Come on Tom, Jean-Claude, Michel, Gerrie, Bert and for sure some more!