Friday, October 16, 2015

Bringing a Moyes Matrix Race harness to the DHV meeting

I'm going to spend this weekend at the DHV Hang Gliding Meeting in Southern Bavaria. It will be nice to meet with so many flying friends again :-)

I'll also be bringing an almost brand new Moyes Matrix Race harness, belonging to a friend of mine. He bought the harness and loved every bit of it, but only did 5 flights with it, before he had to give up hang gliding due to an accident. So, now he's selling it.

If anyone between 1m80 and 1m90 is interested in buying a new harness, come and see me, this one is definitely an opportunity!

If you're not able to attend the DHV meeting, but would be interested in the harness, please send me a note on FB. Thanks.

Here you find some pictures to show the immaculate state of the harness: