Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Worlds: a statistic

Everybody's always asking what the best glider out there is. And there are many factors which play a role in that, such as pure glide performance, handling or just the fun you get when flying it. But, now, after the worlds, we can finally calculate it. Here's a statistic: take the number of gliders flown by manufacturer and the number of gliders they have in the top 20. Divide these numbers and you get a relative score which must be the definitive answer to which glider is the best one ;-)

These are the results:

Wills Wing13

So, if you buy an Icaro and participate in the Worlds, you have a 40% chance to be in the top 20. You know that statistics never lie.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Heading for the Aeros Winter Race

I still have a few holidays which have to be used soon, so the Aeros Winter Race is the perfect solution to that problem :-) Except that my harness and glider aren't back from Australia yet. They are currently in Egypt and should be home in 2 weeks time, just in time for spring in Belgium.

So, I won't be flying this Winter Race on my trustworthy RX, but will be flying my 2012 Combat GT. And Kurt has borrowed me his Skyline harness, so that should work out as well. The glider will be checked by Primoz tomorrow and I'm driving to Nova Gorica immediately after, to meet Matjaz again and we'll do some test flying on Tuesday. The comp starts on Wednesday!