Sunday, March 8, 2015

Heading for the Aeros Winter Race

I still have a few holidays which have to be used soon, so the Aeros Winter Race is the perfect solution to that problem :-) Except that my harness and glider aren't back from Australia yet. They are currently in Egypt and should be home in 2 weeks time, just in time for spring in Belgium.

So, I won't be flying this Winter Race on my trustworthy RX, but will be flying my 2012 Combat GT. And Kurt has borrowed me his Skyline harness, so that should work out as well. The glider will be checked by Primoz tomorrow and I'm driving to Nova Gorica immediately after, to meet Matjaz again and we'll do some test flying on Tuesday. The comp starts on Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. Cool Plan Man!
    That was also my plan, but unfortunately the doctor thinks I should rest (with flying) one more month. Because it is the second time that I destroyed the same knee. And I should give it some more extra time to recover.
    But since yesterday I am back in my running shoes. So cu soon Airborne again!
    And have a nice, successful race in Slovenia!