Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Worlds: a statistic

Everybody's always asking what the best glider out there is. And there are many factors which play a role in that, such as pure glide performance, handling or just the fun you get when flying it. But, now, after the worlds, we can finally calculate it. Here's a statistic: take the number of gliders flown by manufacturer and the number of gliders they have in the top 20. Divide these numbers and you get a relative score which must be the definitive answer to which glider is the best one ;-)

These are the results:

Wills Wing13

So, if you buy an Icaro and participate in the Worlds, you have a 40% chance to be in the top 20. You know that statistics never lie.


  1. As Mark Twain used to say (maybe write fits better): 'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'

  2. So Jochen! Be happy that you still have your Aeros! At least you can reach the Podium with the GT. But ONLY if you trust the Statics =)

  3. Wolds : a statistic... The injuries :

    One broken leg.
    2 broken wrists
    2 broken arms.
    Two faces cut the cables of the wings that involved points and / or plastic surgery.
    4 ankle sprains.
    1 tumbling

    1. As expected in those conditions and that's why I didn't go there in the first place. And I think your stats don't even include the broken foot in the Swiss team. Luckily, the guys on the podium are truly worth Champions. But I know at least one title contender who didn't go because of the safety issues. And that should not be happening.