Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dutch Open, Task 1

The first task was flown in very stable conditions. A 70 km task was set and I immediately knew that it was going to be very difficult for me due to the low ceiling. We took off from Chabre and flew towards Col St Jean, to return to Chabre. The next leg was towards Gache and I didn't really know which option to take. Go straight to Gache or go to La Platte first.
I decided for La Platte, but when I saw a glider there (not finding any thermals) I decided to go for Gache anyway. I also hoped that the valley would be active because the thermal activity on the mountains was low. Bad luck, I could not find anything and after 20 kms the game was over. I thought I would be classified really, really low, but currently I'm 25th out of 45. Better than expected. Congratulations to Koos who finished 45 mins ahead of the second pilot.
Today we're going to Aspres. The atmosphere looks less stable, but no way unstable. Let's hope we can manage to do a decent flight...

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