Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First flights with the Combat

April has already brought some superb days to the alps during the weekends (already a 250 km flight), but here in the Benelux things were much calmer and stability ruled. Nevertheless, I had some nice flights and these conditions were actually really good to get to know the Combat.
I spent a weekend in the German Eifel and really enjoyed the flights and the atmosphere there. Here some pictures of that weekend:

I joined the ATOS'es of the local club on a 70 km triangle, but sadly had to land after 36 km. Two of the locals, Eduard and Joseph, rounded the triangle, congrats to them!
Last saturday I returned to the Eifel, but that day was really stable. But, a friend of mine had joined me and offered to retrieve me. My plan was to fly back home as far as I could, although I didn't have high hopes of getting far. I took off and had to search for 15 minutes before I found a more or less decent thermal. There was a big surprise when the thermal suddenly accelerated to 3 m/s and pulled me through the inversion. After that, I had a steady 1-2 m/s climb to 1800 m, which is 1200 m AGL. That was enough to convince me I should give it a try. Sadly it was the best thermal I would get in the 1,5 hour flight. I landed again at a mere 36 km. But hey, it was nice to be able to give it a shot. Thanks David for the retrieve!
A picture of that flight:

Sunday didn't look promising, but I went winch towing at Bevekom, a Belgian air force base. Had a 30 minute flight, exceeding my expectations.
Picture below: a Combat requesting permission to land ;-)

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