Sunday, July 4, 2010

Preparing for the Europeans

On thursday, I'll drive to Ager to participate in the European Championships. And I'm nervous about it. Not about flying together with the best. I have confidence in my hang glider handling and I like the busy 3D thermalling-in-traffic-game. But what will my performance be? In the German and Austrian comps I flew close to Julia and Tiefi's performance, two other young pilots (6 and 4? years experience, but many more flights/comps). And they are flying really well in the Spanish Open at this moment. But what will happen when the top 5 of every national competition is present? I'd hate to be low down in the results. But I fear it will happen... and that's why I'm nervous about it.
I shouldn't expect it any other way. I only fly for three years, it's now not yet 2 years since my first cross country flight. And I fly in Belgium, where conditions aren't optimal, but maybe that's good for training?
Anyway, the waiting has lasted for long enough now. Let's just go and fly. And hope it will at least be a good training for the Belgian nationals, immediately after. I want to be on the podium there!


  1. Go for it!!! Fly high and safe. Don´t bother about the rest. Don´t look for better thermals when you're really low, ;) kurt

  2. Go for it!!! Fly high and safe. Don´t bother about the rest. kurt

  3. Hey! are you real?
    I was shocked to read u have just 2 years experienc lying cross country!
    I fly since 1990 and won the Israeli league few times. I hold the Israeli local distanc record for 205KM
    We have 1 repesentative in the comp and he had poor results.
    I flew in Ager during Spanish open comp about 9 years ago and we enjoyed it a lot but our results were 9/23/27 places.
    You did very very well and it looks like it is going to be much better with the years to come.