Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Dutch Open, task 1 & 2

Two days of competition, two tasks. On monday, we had a 95 km task, where I got low once and spent some time recovering from it. But it was a nice flight and I got 13th place.
Yesterday we had even better conditions and a 120 km task was set. I started a little slow, but made a very good decision after the south turnpoint which allowed me to race for the next 30 km's. From then on, I was in the lead with Anton Struganov, although we flew different paths. And I only knew that I was really flying fast and possibly in the lead when I saw Gerolf flying towards a turnpoint I had already done.
I was shooting up in a particularly strong thermal (5,5 m/s average) and left it at 2100 m because there is an airspace limit at 2330 m. However, during my glide, I suddenly noticed that I was at 2302 m. I pulled in as hard as I could, but my highest point was at 2360 m. An airspace infringement...Here's the flight.
When I landed, I was first at goal and Anton congratulated me. See this video made by Daphne. Soon it was confirmed that I had an airspace infringement. I should get a warning for it. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get a zero, because I might have won the task...

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