Sunday, September 12, 2010

Failed wingover

I put this online because it should serve as an informational video to anyone doing wingovers or loops. I felt very comfortable doing wingovers and never had any scares before. For this one, I was planning to do a wingover to the right. I had enough speed but immediately after initiating the wingover (which I did a little to abrupt), my body was swung to the left which stopped the wing from turning and sent me more into a loop than into a wingover. I didn't have enough speed for that, or didn't realize my error quickly enough and the result is what you can see.
I'm not proud of this. I probably was overconfident and made a stupid error, which I didn't correct fast enough. I didn't even release the VG when I already knew I was in trouble. Second error in my opinion.
A big thank you to Metamorfosi and Woody Valley, the chute-harness combination worked very well.
And a very big thank you to Chris, who's a tree surgeon. He managed to get my wing out of the trees without any extra damage. Thank you, Chris!


  1. Hi Jochen!!
    I am glad to know that you're ok! That's one interesting video. I am surprised to see how little energy was involved in whole incident after the glider stalled and went inverted. The fact that you fell below the glider (as opposed to on top of it) probably kept it from breaking and entering a spin. And the fact that you had a parachute that attaches to the harness and not the carabiner made it easier for you to stay upright during the descent. that would probably not have been the case with your old Cosmic. All things considered, you were one very lucky man!!
    Thanks a lot for posting the video, it's quite instructional.


  2. My God... Jochen.... heavy shit an event like this. Good to hear everything went well and you are not hurt. Thanx for sharing the video and the story. We can all learn from this.

  3. Hey Jochen,
    Zo te zien heb je het naar je zin daar. doe maar verder met je avonturen te posten, ik ben alvast een fan ,
    Groeten uit Belgie
    Stephan Hanssens