Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not very daily yet

I retitled my blog to 'The Daily Thermal' because I was anticipating very frequent flying, starting from mid december in Australia. I had already booked my plane, but I was unable to get my 9 sabbatical months from mid december. I have to be patient until April.
So, I missed the Aussie comps. But, apart from one 300 km task, they didn't have the usual (for us Europeans exceptional) Oz conditions due to a strong La Nina. You all know about the floods...
I didn't miss to much. And I guess they'll be organizing the worlds in Forbes in 2013, so let's hope our planet goes completely berserk and we have a strong El Nino in 2013, because I plan to be there then!
We must survive the legendary year 2012 first of course... Belgium might even have a government in 2013.

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