Sunday, February 6, 2011

Change in plans

Wasn't I supposed to be in Australia? Yes, I was, but I couldn't interrupt my job from mid December due to some Belgian rules. I have to wait until April. So instead of a 9 month journey, it will be 6 months of flying.
And the schedule is getting clearer and clearer. My plane leaves for Florida on April 7th. I will have almost 3 weeks of training there before the Rob Kells Memorial is held. Immediately after, we fly north (towards Huntsville, Alabama?) in a rally comp, the Flytec Race and Rally. And that is immediately followed by the Midwest competition, taking place just south of Chicago. By then it is late May and I will return to Europe to fly the comp season there. Highlights are the World Championship in Italy in July and the Belgian Championship (first week of August).
So, what am I doing right now? I'm planning what to do in between competitions in the summer. I would love to go flying in Piedrahita (late June or mid August). So, if you're interested, send me a mail!
And I'm getting physically prepared for hang gliding. I started swimming, because I want to strengthen my shoulders. That should have a positive effect during the longer flights...


  1. Each year, in mid august (12-15th this year), the Andaluza League and Euskal League (two "familiar" competitions from south and north of Spain) go to fly to Phiedrahita or Arcones , both in the spanish north plateau. Of course, if the forecast is good.
    There is a flying club in Piedrahita
    You can talk with the Spanish team in Italy. Some of them live in Madrid near from those places.

  2. Thank you. That's interesting! I'll certainly keep an eye on that.

  3. Hey Jochen,

    Between 21st and 27th of August there are the Brazilian Nationals together with a international comp. Johnny Durand is a fan see ( The level is very high and the flying conditions exceptional. Take off is perfect and the landing, well the goal is literally in the middle of the city. A really crazy thing. Check the videos from Johnny and if you get interested let me know. I went in the last years and I am programming to be there this year as well with my rigid.
    m c c at x s 4 a l l . n l