Sunday, March 11, 2012

On the road again!

The season is about to start. I hit the road this morning and am very happy with the heavy-duty bag for the glider. Nothing is flapping, the whole glider is cushioned and the glider stays dry.

Anyway, I started out with nice weather in Belgium (Rudy flew in Beauraing and had his first cloud base of 2012), but as I got closer to the Alps, things got darker and darker until it didn't look like holiday weather at all anymore:

But, to my surprise, the temperatures dropped rapidly as I approached the foothills and halfway between Munich and the Alps it looks like this:

I never expected it to still have snow there in March. Luckily, our competition is in Slovenia, on the south side of the Alps. I'm looking forward to it. The comp starts on Wednesday and I hope to get some free flying in tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in Bassano.


  1. Is that a new Mitsubishi for this season Jochen?

  2. It's not sponsored, it's the company car, but it drives just as good :-)