Tuesday, August 6, 2013

British Nationals: day 1 and 2

The British nationals started and the weather turned on again. So far we had 2 days and 2 tasks: a 105 km task and a 150 km task taking us all the way to Sierra Ferrera.

The first task was quite a tough job. For some reason, I could not find nice thermals and was low most of the time. I was pretty frustrated with that feeling, but simply couldn't go fast. To my surprise, only a few gliders were in goal when I landed and I took 6th place for the day.

Yesterday's second task was a scenic one. The Sierra Ferrera ridge is just beautiful, I'm sure many photos and movies will show up online about this flight. For the first time, the thermals took us pretty high as well. Up to 3300 m and maybe even a bit higher for some others. Whilst flying I knew I wasn't going superfast, but I absolutely wanted to make goal to avoid the long retrieve. Gordon and Shedsy took a later start and caught us. Coming back from Sierra Ferrera, I went alone along the higher mountains, expecting to find better lift, but that was the wrong choice. So my course was a bit of a slalom, but I ended up 5th on the task. 5th place overall as well and only 30 point behind 3rd place... A good start to the comp!

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