Saturday, December 14, 2013

No 2014 Euros - what a shame!

Today, the FAI announced that the 2014 European Championship is canceled. What a shame! We lose an opportunity for a great comp. Not sure why it has been canceled.

On the other side, it seems that we will finally be able to pick a week for the Belgian Championship, now that the uncertainties about the Euros are over. I was looking forward to flying in Lumbier again though. Seems I will have to re-arrange my calendar for 2014.


  1. Do you allready know where the Belgian Open will be held?

    Wo werden die "Belgischen" ausgetragen?

  2. Hey Matze! That should be the 21st-27th of July in Laragne. The decision had been delayed due to the uncertainties around the Euros, but now we are going to start the process to get this on the FAI calendar.