Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016 Euros, Day 2, Task 1

Yesterday, we had an 85 km task around the valley, see the Airtribune results page. I started the race to enthusiastically and soon found myself scratching rather low in the valley. I lost time, never got really high after that and struggled my way around the course. 35th in goal, 10 minutes behind the first. Still 800 points, which is more than I expected. Plenty of days to go, so let's try to climb our way up the standings...

Not many surprises in the field, although some pilots have a bad score already. Notably Tom, who missed a turnpoint and Zippy who got trapped by shade. We all know Zippy and for sure expect some task victories from him now :-)

We use live tracking, so everyone can follow us as the race is unfolding, but you can also watch a replay of the task. It's a shame that quite a few of the top pilots do not use live tracking, but as long as it is not mandatory, pilots will want to hide their tactics...

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