Friday, April 3, 2009

March is over...

March was spent with a variation of short flights (winching, towing) and a few still relatively short, thermal flights. The most beautiful flights were 2 fourty-minute long fligths, one in Hinterweiler on a stable but sunny day and one in Beauraing on an unstable but almost overcast day.

In Hinterweiler I reached a height of 900 m AGL with the first real thermals of the year for me. I was impressed by the surroundings and the hospitality of the local crew. I'm certain I will go there again to spend the weekend :-) Here are 2 pictures from Hinterweiler:

The flight in Beauraing was in very unstable conditions and I was sucked upwards to a cloud street at 3-4 m/s. The cloud base was at 1100m AGL and I was able to ride the street for a full 15 minutes. Only managing 7 km's by doing so due to the strong headwinds. I guess around 40 km/h...
Finally some pictures from an overcast flight in Maillen which ended with some raindrops:

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