Friday, July 31, 2009

Day five and six, 2 flights, first to goal

Yesterday was a windy day. We took off from Chabre and landed half an hour later. Too turbulent. Jean-Claude broke an upright on landing. I landed at the camp site and instead of doing it in style, I pushed out too late and landed on my chest. Not the way to do it in front of public.
Today nobody knew where to take off and we decided to go to Aspres. Strong winds on launch but the sailplanes which were towed up in front of us gave us an indication that conditions probably were better in the air. Indeed, after a take-off in 30 km/h winds, there was only a moderate drift while themalling. The wind was SE to SW, so I wasn't sure whether I was going to make it to the camping 30 km's further. I failed eralier this week in similar conditions. This time I went to Aiguille instead of Aujour and headed for Serres afterwards. Serres rewarded me with a 6 m/s climb to 3000 m, from where I could glide to the camp site. First time on goal!

Landed on goalJean-Claude coming in for landing

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