Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First two days, one flight

The predictions have clearly been better than the real conditions and we were able to do one flight on sunday. I managed a 30 km flight against the wind in turbulent conditions, so I should not be unhappy about that.
Flying here is definitely completely different than in Belgium. The thermals are so much stronger, but also further apart. I had 2700 m at Aspres when I headed towards Aujour with Jean-Claude and I was very much confronted with his better glide angle. He made to Aujour (20 km/h headwind) while I had to survive in the valley.

I did do so for a while and eventually was able to climb up Aiguille. I then glided towards Beaumont, but found nothing decent there and landed at Montrond.

Good to get going and hoping for more.
Today looks flyable but not great. Top of usable lift predicted at 2200 m, so we'll see.

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