Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Financial support needed for Urkainian pilot

Elena Filippova wrote this on a dedicated Facebook group:

"We urgently need financial help for the surgical operation and after-operational treatment for Voron'kov Alex! He got traumas as a result of falling on hanggliding competitions on August 20 at Kobala Open 2011 (Slovenia, Tolmin). Voron'kov Alex caught a tree at the landing field and fell down from the height about 20 metres. Pilot has serious injury- broken spine (pectoral and lumbar department), break of spinal cord, both shoulders are broken, a kidney and spleen were damaged (his spleen had been removed). A diagnosis is a partial paralysis."

She created a Paypal account for donations:

I wish Alex the best recovery possible. Let's hope he will be able to walk again in the future.

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