Friday, September 9, 2011

Kayseri - Pre Europeans - Day 5 - Task 5

Yesterday we set a 97 km task to the east. Some big valley crossings, some mountains, a lake in the middle, quite a changing terrain to fly over. I few the first 50 km parallel to Primoz (a few kms apart). We both found good lift and made good progress. After 55 km, I dug myself into a mountain because I didn't have enough height to cross the lee side. The turnpoint was on the lee side and I kept searching for lift on the wind blown north-west side. When I finally got up and jumped over it, I had an even worse than expected glide and landed soon after. There almost was enough lift to get up from the landing field again. I did 6 very low turns, but it couldn't save me. So close :-(

Primoz never tried the wind blown side of the mountain, flew into the lee immediately, unzipped for landing, but got a thermal to 3200 m and won the day... He was the only one in goal and now is far ahead in the overall standings. Pedro is second overall, he was 11 km short of goal while I was 34 km short. Suan was 38 km short.

Primoz also said that yesterday was a weaker than the day before. That was a surprise for me, because yesterday I got 2 to 4 m/s thermals, while it had been very weak the day before. I really must have flown a bad route that day...

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  1. Never ever give up Jochen ! Next time you 'll be the lucky guy finding unexpected thermals.
    Jan L.