Sunday, December 30, 2012

2 Days of local flying

Yesterday I had quite a lot of work on the glider and in particularly getting the old harness attached correctly to the glider. My fingers are not made for hard-to-reach safety rings... So it was quite late until I launched. Being pretty windy, I flew for an hour and had my first taste of Australian air after a three month non-flying break.

Today was less windy and Trent, Blenkie and others decided on a 180 km triangle. I launched with them and soon after we had a group of 7 or 8 at start height. I noticed that my elbow was rubbing the handle of the reserve chute and had a quick look to check it. One pin was almost loose! Trying to put it back in place, I almost unlocked the second pin. No way I was going to continue flying with the risk that the parachute would fall out. So I landed and went to the supermarket for a quick solution to the problem: rubber bands.

Did a second launch around 2:30 PM and flew for 90 minutes. Felt like 1) there were quite some turbulences and 2) the glider was quite sensitive to them. Sprog measuring tomorrow...

And to top it off, I blew an upright on landing. First one on the 13.5. Didn't plan on using half of my reserve upright on the 2nd flying day in Australia!

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