Thursday, January 1, 2015

A quick note on the first task

The first task was 130 km 'hook' task (70 km downwind, 45 cross and 15 upwind). My launch was quite rough, hitting a thermal at 100 m above the ground, which forced me to release from the tug. But it was good enough to thermal up to 2500 m above the paddock.

Quite a few of us took the 2nd start, forming 2 major gaggles. After 60 km, whilst being in the lead, I overcooked it a little and got low. It took me a long while to recover from that because I chose to head upwind, which was over descending terrain. Not an ideal choice, so I lost almost half an hour on the second leg. 19th in the first task. At least I was at goal.

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