Sunday, January 4, 2015

Forbes 2015 - Task 3

Task 3 brought us the fastest air I've ever flown. 30-40 km/h winds with 4-5 m/s thermals ensured the 192 km task was undercalled. Johnny made goal in 2,5 hours (75 km/h average), I arrived 5 minutes later in 14th place, resulting in 5th overall.

The faces in goal were all smiles. It had been an intense race. And the ground passed by at 150 km/h on final glide. Not many of us have the chance to ever experience this. This flight alone already made the trip down under worthwhile. Here's Gijs who enjoyed it very much as well :-)

Lots of us were taking pictures of the sky. As Jonny always says it: "How good is Forbes?" Even Gordon was putting up a smile ;-)

The flight had started with a bad surprise for me, though. I must have attached the towing bridle to my harness instead of attaching it to the release (which was still stowed away in the harness pocket from the previous flight). As a result, I was unable to release when Bobby waived me off. After a while, Bobby realised this and pulled in and up to get the line slack, which allowed me to break the weaklink. Always double check...

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