Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Austrian Open, 3 tasks, great flying

We had 3 really great days of flying at the Austrian Open. The tasks were 70, 120 and 150 km. I was short on the first day (50 km out of 70), but made goal on day 2 and 3! 120 km and 150 km were 2 consecutive personal bests for me :-)
It delivered me 21st place on 53 participants in the overall standings, which was better than expected. I hoped to end in the first 2/3 and ended up well in the first half. The target for the Europeans now is first 2/3 and I want to be on the podium for the Belgian Championship. Top 10 in the Dutch Open would finish it off... We'll see.
The scenery in Austria was stunning, with the bright fresh snow on the mountains. It was really nice to see all those mountains I had walked/climbed on before. Steinerne Meer, Watzmann, Hoher Sonnblick, Tennengebirge, ... I definitely want to fly there more often!

Thanks to the points earned in the German Open, I'm currently 346th on the world ranking. Should be in the top 200 by the end of summer. Maybe even in the top 150? Stay tuned ;-)

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  1. You live the dream... Keep it up!