Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad weather all over the alps

The last three days, we headed for Bassano del Grappa on the south border of the alps, because it looked to be the only flyable place in the complete alpine region for a few days.
We drove there through torrential rains, the car aquaplaned at 80 km/h and you don't want a lot of that with the gliders on top...
We found beautiful weather in Bassano, if it wasn't for the foehn. 50 km/h north winds with extreme turbulence. No flying... So, now where wednesday and we haven't been flying since saturday. Today look reasonable to good, so we'll see what happens. We will fly for sure!
The forecast for the Austrian Open has dramatically changed and should give us three good days (friday, saturday and sunday). Keep your fingers crossed for that! Thanks ;-)

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