Thursday, June 3, 2010

Austrian Open, here we come

Yesterday we at last had a nice flight in Bassano. Nothing extraordinary, a relatively short 1 hour flight, but I enjoyed it very much. Thermals were weak at first but then we got overdevelopment and I landed after doing the first wingover-alike moves with the combat. Quite an experience, you really feel the energy retention. It's so nice when the speed gradually bleeds off when you rise back into the air. There will be more fun in the future :-)
Today we drive towards Zell am See, where we will probably have three flyable days for the Austrian Open. Competition time again. Keep your thumbs up!

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  1. Hey Jochen, leuk om je verslag te lezen van de voorbije week! Veel vliegplezier nog in betere weersomstandigheden! David ps. Brussel in 1u 31min