Friday, July 27, 2012

Beautiful 140 km triangle

Yesterday's weather was perfect for flying. 3000 m cloud base and weak winds. We launched from Chabre and had a 140 km task over Aspres (Aiguille) and then to Batie Neuve near Lac de Serre Ponson, and then going South to Volonne (South of Sisteron).

I lost some time early on, but had a great flight over new territory, enjoying the scenery very much. No more nausea, the pills seem to work. Some lost time was recovered by taking a detour at La Batie to avoid weaker thermals in the valley and the second half of the task I flew quite a lot with Malcolm. Things got very weak South of Sisteron and we left the Sisteron ridge with 11:1 to goal. The glide started very bad and I decided to try to pick up something near the glider port. Bad idea, it didn't work out and I landed 6 km short. Malcolm did make it to goal.

Christian Voiblet let me try the winglets again (the one's the glider was actually delivered with) and I must say they improved the handling quite a lot in my opinion. I wouldn't say that the glider became any stiffer or slower to react, but it definitely had more stability while thermaling. Christian said he tried them on the smoke sail and that it made no difference to his glider. Seems to work with the Technora sail however...


  1. Hi Jochen

    Good to hear you're enjoying your flying again.
    I myself have troubles with airsickness too. Can you please tell us which pills you use, as you seem to have success with them.

    Good luck for the rest of the comp!

  2. 2 Years ago, I used Touristil (which is available in Belgium) and now I used Cocculine. I don't know the cause of the air-sickness so I don't know whether the medication works or not...