Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Damn. Air-sick.

The first task of the UK nationals was stopped due to strong East winds in the Veynes valley. I was lucky it was stopped because I had already landed because I was air-sick. I've had the problem two years ago when I got worse flight after flight after flight. Some simple car-sickness medication solved the problem and I didn't have any issues after. I thought it had something to do with having to wait for almost an hour in freezing conditions at 3000 m. I was cold and maybe the sickness had something to do with that.

Yesterday's second task was flown in excellent weather conditions. I got my timing wrong with the first start gate and took the second one with Gordon. But after twenty minutes racing, I got sick again. Landed very early. It's a shame.

I'm going to buy some medication now and I hope it works again.

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