Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Belgian Nationals, days 1-3 canceled due to winds

We're not nearly as lucky with the weather as we were last year. There are Mistral conditions in the Rhone valley and we are getting the side effects of it. Yesterday it allowed some local free flying, but the pilots who flew here were happy not to have had a task.

I've been flying in Mens and St-Vincent les Forts. It was a beautiful day in Mens and because of the small landing field, Tom and I decided to test fly the Seedwings Funky gliders used for Tom's flying school Trike Valley.

It was fun flying the beginner gliders. You can thermal them very nicely, tight and slow. And I can recommend Mens to anyone. It is a beautiful place and the view from above is simply magnificent.

Yesterday we went to St. Vincent les Forts (which we will do today as well). Strong 3 to 4 m/s thermals to 2500 m but I aborted my attempt to fly to Laragne when I felt nothing interesting in the first few km from the ridge. Instead I returned on the ridge and waited for the others to climb out. It was fun flying the Dormillouse ridge with Gerrie and Tom and loads of sailplanes. Ann in her bright orange Funky could be used as Dormillouse turnpoint marker and Klaartje showed how to thermal a small Spyder.

Got a phone call from my brother last night that he did his first longer flight in a sailplane. 5 Hours of airtime in central France. Well done bro!

For us, the weather predictions are finally showing less wind, so let's hope we can still get 4 tasks.


  1. That's why I couldn't find results ! Have fun

  2. Hoi Jochen,

    Vicar hier, ik zou met je een tandemvlucht doen op de Benecup, maar die werd steeds afgelast. Dat is ook toevallig dat ik lees dat je met een Funky gevlogen hebt; ik heb er net één gekocht (tweedehandsje). Mijn eerste vleugel! Nu alleen nog even een klein logistiek euvel oplossen.. hij ligt namelijk in Oostenrijk....