Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flytec Race and Rally - task 3

The rally is going great. After 3 days, we reached Americus, Georgia. Souther Field, currently called 'Jimmy Carter Regional Airfield', is a place with history, since Charles Lindbergh learned to fly here.

It was an honor to race into goal here and take 6th place for the day. It was a fast race to goal and one of the better flights I have ever done. We almost did 50 km/h on a no-wind day. You can see I was happy on landing, more pictures in Jamie's albums.

The comp started with a really bad task for me, resulting in 43rd place, but after two good tasks I'm currently 20th. I hope I still can improve on that.
It's great to see Paris Williams fly so well on his comeback. I knew Paris only from reading 'Secrets of Champions' and here he is, showing us how to fly. He was fastest yesterday, but was 2nd in the results because Jonny took the leading points after taking the first start. Still, Paris flew at a pretty impressive speed! Oh, and he's a fellow Aeros Combat pilot :-)
The airfield is one of the busiest crop duster places in the US. Here's one them on the airfield:

Results and news can also be found on the rally's blog.

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