Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rob Kells Memorial - Day 1

Today started with a windy sky and difficult conditions after launch. Low, weak thermals under an almost overcast sky. We had an 80 km task and I managed to jump the 3rd startgate, so I'll have a 13 or 14 minute time penalty because the start gates were 15 mins apart.
We had to cross some 'unretrievable' terrain after the start and I didn't really want to do that with the low altitude we had. Only after drifting far enough to the west, I could see the road on the other end of it and I decided to go. Just to soon, as you know. Anyway, the day got better and I had a really good climb 15 km out. I had 9/1 to goal, but hit sink on my way to goal and was seeing 6/1 numbers. I needed a few turns in a thermal 2 kms out of goal to make it. I was happy to be there. To my surprise there were fewer gliders there than I expected. I think I was 5th or 6th in goal. We landed next to a prison and the sheriff wasn't really happy about that...
So with all the difficult conditions and apparently also other people with bad start times, it's waiting for the scores to have any idea where I ended up.
Click the map screenshot to see more flight details. We were low for a large portion of it...

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