Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rob Kells Memorial - Final task

Day 6 of the comp was canceled due to strong winds and day 7 looked really good when we started the task we had an out-and-return to the NNW. But that took us into the shade caused by overdevelopment in a front just north of us. I was in the leading gaggle with Curt, Zippy and Paris, but I lost height in a very weak thermal where the other managed to maintain altitude. So I had to go out alone in the shade, heading for the dark storms (still far away) and I knew I probably just was going to glide as far as I could. And that's the way it turned out to be. I landed 700 m short of the turn point.
Paris managed to work the thermal best and managed to return 6 or 7 km and won the day. Jonny flew just a few meters less and won the comp from Dustin on the last day.
This picture was taken after task 5, landing back at the ridge.

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