Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rob Kells Memorial about to start

Tomorrow, the Rob Kells Memorial will start. It's my first comp in the US and it is quite an international pilot list. Of course, the US hot shots are here, but there's also a large Latin-American delegation.
Many pilots arrived today at the Florida Ridge. A lot of them were assembling their short-packed gliders (made smaller for air transport). Among them where Kathryn and Dave who flew in from Sydney. They started to unpack their gliders only to find out that Kathryn's glider is completely wrecked - every major tube is broken - and that Dave's glider has a broken leading edge. You feel very sorry for them when you see that. And I can only hope that my glider will survive the flight back to Europe. On May 25th by the way, Miami - Duesseldorf.
So, keep your fingers crossed, 'cause tomorrow, it's race day, it's for real.

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