Thursday, April 14, 2011

Complete failure

... to cover any distance today. The plan was to fly to Wallaby and back. I towed up first and was released right in the middle of a 3 m/s thermal which took me to 1500 m. It was a blue day and Greg and Davis were also preparing to fly, so I waited for them. Once together, we headed for Wallaby, found only one crappy bit of thermal out there and had to land only 15 km away from Quest. Miserable failure...
Others flew better today and covered some distance.
Anyway, as written before, the towing here goes quick and efficiently. Here's a video of today's tow. I got released at 2500 ft (750 m) within 2 minutes after take-off. The video also show the thermalling up to 1500 m. Ground to 1500 in 6 minutes. Not bad :-)

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