Saturday, April 9, 2011

First day in Florida, fun flight

Woke up this morning at 4 A.M. Stayed in bed until 7 and then started to assemble the glider. Brought the rental car to the airport and prepared for a flight a 2.30 P.M. It was very hot on the ground. Hot and humid.

Towing goes quick here. Good preparation, good cooperation and a fast climb rate. I was in the air very fast after I decided to start. Finally flying again. I should at least have put on a smile for the pic ;-)

The flying was really like Jamie told me she liked it. Big and fat thermals, almost no turbulence. Lots of vultures in the air. And as you can see, Florida has water everywhere:

Looking at Quest Air, my home base for the coming three weeks. Try to find Quest, its just left of the little lake :-)

I flew a nice thermal with Tom Lanning (I only know his glider from Facebook...) Tom is leaving me here because we reached cloudbase and is probably heading back to Wallaby:

Tomorrow's a new day, and I sure hope the flying will be as good as it was today.

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