Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going north

Tuesday's forecast was really good for a long flight to the north. We had set our expectations on a 300 km flight. I launched as early as possible, but later than I hoped for. It was 12h15. I had a hard time staying in the air, but after 30 minutes, the conditions improved and I was heading north. Little cumi's formed over my head, but out in front, it remained blue and lift was hard to find.
After 2h30 flight, Davis came on the radio and suggested to try again the day after, since we were not racing ahead. I agreed, but later, on the ground, when I saw the conditions, I regretted it. We wouldn't have done 300 km, but it is very likely that it would have been 200 or maybe 250 km... Anyway, I landed after 70 km.
And I'm getting used to airport/airstrip landings:

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