Thursday, April 7, 2011

The adventure starts

Sitting at the gate. Still an hour until boarding. Ok, there were strange faces at check-in, but the Air Berlin and Koeln Airport staff where really, really helpful. No problems at all handing them the glider over. I didn't even have to ask them to be very careful with it. They said to me themselves they would handle it with care. Let's hope the guys in Berlin and Miami treat it the same way.
The security check did have a good look at my lead ballast. 8 kgs of that stuff, what do you want to do with that? "Hang gliding" was the answer. They didn't immediately see the link, so I had to explain that we can use it for extra speed. The officers rubbed some brushes and paper strips over it and asked me not to touch anything anymore, I couldn't even put my glasses on. Someone ran off asking us to wait a little and 5 minutes later, everything was ok. Was it drug testing or will they have done some internet research on hang gliding and ballast? I guess they learn a lot in that job :-)

And I can't phone anyone at this time while it's my mum's birthday, so mummy, I sent you an e-mail, happy birthday!

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