Thursday, April 28, 2011

Missed opportunities?

We had some great weather conditions the past few days. Davis and I tried to launch early (10:30) and succeeded, which was a first for me. But, one day I made a mistake after an hour, when the flying already was a lot easier and the other day Davis' radio wasn't working and he lost me out of sight, so we landed. We should have gone far, really far, but I guess we missed the opportunities...
It was a fun game though, to try to launch early. Cloudbases are low (700 m), but thermals are closer to each other as well. They're still weak, so it's not easy to stay up there, but when you succeed, the day gets better and you are rewarded with the prospect of a long flight. You have to finish the job however.
The saying here is that "you won't hit a home run when you swing for singles".

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