Monday, April 4, 2011

Almost ready to go

Loads of things needed to be done in the last few days. Cleaning up the mess from moving, looking for insurances, hoping that the speedbar will get in Belgium on time, packing the glider for transport, doing my administration, swimming to get a little bit in shape for the season, ... I didn't realize there was still such a lot to do. Tomorrow I'll pick up a Handirack, so I should be able to transport the glider from Miami to Orlando.
The flight to Florida (over Berlin) leaves Thursday at 9 A.M. Can't wait. Hope the glider will be intact when I re-assemble it at Quest, which will be my home base for 3 training weeks before the Rob Kells Memorial.
Still a long time to go, but if the long-term weather forecasts are right, I'll get a couple of days with great flying conditions immediately after arriving :-)

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