Thursday, April 21, 2011

Landing at Venice Beach?

We had a hard time deciding on Wednesday's task. There was predicted overdevelopment north of us, the winds were SE, but would shift to NE and Quest was going to be overcast by late afternoon. After a while, we decided to head SSW, to Venice beach. A 188 km task and we were not going to start before 1 PM, so we had to go for it, once we were airborne.
I was towed up and soon after Davis was towed up and joined me in my thermal. I wasn't a very nice one, so we decided to head south asap. We had a really nice flight, with beautiful clouds and some nice climbs. I'll make a video when I have some time for that.

But, I didn't make it to Venice Beach. The sea breeze front was aligned over a large swamp. I couldn't see any landing possibilities there, so I didn't dare to cross it, since I had no clue how big the swamp was. My instrument showed me I would have 200 m in spare above Venice Beach, but I knew I wasn't going to make that in the sea breeze. And since I was trapped due to the swamp, I landed 20 km short.
We had a nice meal at the beach and were back at Quest just after midnight. It's 10 A.M. now and the sky is already filled with cumi's... Have to go and set up my glider!

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