Thursday, June 23, 2011

A few days 'dohoam' in Salzburg

After Tolmin, I drove to Salzburg for a few days, knowing that the weather was bad all over the Alps. I stayed at my grandma's place, visited some family and hiked up the Untersberg. The latter was impressive because of the low clouds which were blown by the wind. I stupidly decided to run down instead of walking down, resulting in the worst muscle aches I've had for quite a while...
The days in Salzburg ended with a visit to Primoz, with a faint hope to fly. We did not do anything more than a sled ride, but Primoz had an inclinometer, so we checked my sprogs. And surprisingly, they were low. We corrected them and the glider does feel better, especially on landing. The last landings, in Europe, I really had difficulties to flare. That's solved now. And it probably also explains why I found the flights in Tolmin to be rather turbulent, while Regina and Matjaz did not experience that at all. It's a fine line. One turn on the inner sprogs makes a big difference!

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