Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greifenburg, finally some flying again

The bad comp weather continues. The Austrian Nationals are postponed to mid-August. So I headed to Greifenburg, because it showed at least one good day of flying there.

While setting up, Gerolf and Zhenya arrived and Gerolf had a plan :-) And the plan included some sightseeing. The flight indeed started with extremely nice flying. It's very sad that I failed to turn on the GoPro (it only took 1 picture)!
Later, the thermals were broken and very turbulent. It was good to be flying for 3 hours. And as usual, I struggled in the turbulences. It's hard to manhandle my big glider in them. Gerolf suggests carbon leading edges ;-) I guess he's got a point there...

The second day resulted in a short flight for me. After almost an hour, I got drilled down like never before. 4 to 5 m/s down until I almost hit the deck...
In Greifenburg, I also met Juergen Pasker again on launch. He invited me to join his club and I had two very nice evenings with them. They introduced me to 'plattln', which is a lot like horseshoe throwing. Quite an interesting affair, when everybody has had his fair share of beer and schnapps. It's always good to hang around with the Austrians :-)

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