Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 Worlds, Day 3, Canceled

We all were hopeful for today and drove the whole flying circus to Monte Cucco's south launch. But soon it was clear that the winds were higher than allowed in the local regulations. Gusts over 40 km/h, so there was not going to be a task. The winds away from the mountain looked strong, but flyable, so when the task was canceled, about 2/3 of the field went free flying.
The thermals were great and I enjoyed a 1 hour flight, before I landed because there was a bit too much lift to my liking. I had to work a bit to come down to the landing field in pretty turbulent air, but that was the worst of the day. Once landed, the sky looked much friendlier again and it turned out to be a very nice afternoon.
A video with some impressions of the windy launch place is uploading. Coming soon...

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