Sunday, July 24, 2011

2011 Worlds, Day 5 & 6

Days 5 & 6 were canceled. And there's not much as miserable as a hang gliding competition without flying...
Although we had some free flying yesterday in the early evening. I first had some fun buzzing the launch, but when I got into a thermal with some strength, I decided to take it and it soon became a solid 4,5 m/s to 2000 m. I decided to go for Gubbio against the 30 km/h wind and Karl Reichegger (I think), seemed to have the same plan. We took a 2 m/s in the middle of the valley and almost drifted back to above launch. But we had made some advance and could glide to the Gubbio ridge now. When I arrived there, the winds were almost NW and I spent 40 min soaring the ridge, but not getting any decent thermals anymore. I couldn't get back, so I landed near Gubbio.
Julia was flying herself, so when she didn't reply to my sms, I decided to walk to Gubbio and have dinner there. Gnocchi with a tomato sauce, bacon, rucola and parmesan. It tasted good and it filled the stomach.
I really hope we fly another task tomorrow! We came here to compete.

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