Sunday, July 17, 2011


There's a lot going on here. The World Championships are about to start, so everybody is nervous. And in this nervous atmosphere, everybody has to register and the technical rules are checked (sprog measurements, helmet certifications).
The sprog measurement requires 150 gliders to be measured within 2 days in quite a hot sports hall. No need to say that some people get stressed there. Moreover because some things are a bit weird. The minimum settings for the sprogs are defined by the manufacturers. That's a bit like letting the cyclist teams in the tour de france decide themselves how much doping is still safe for their riders. You can guess what the result would be...
And then there is the 'no more prototypes'-rule. It seems that some people who very much know what they are doing in this sport, arrived with gliders which are different from their certified gliders. A bit weird as well, isn't it?
Next to that, there's the discussion about helmet certifications. The rules for this are well defined and already known a year ahead. It seems that a number of people are trying to cut corners there. Please, give the organizers a break. It was really easy for all of us to comply to that simple rule...
So, as you can see, a lot of pre-comp-nervousness. May it stop soon. Let the flying begin! If the weather permits...

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  1. And once the comp starts you have all the airspace and cloudflying issues haha. No seriously, Hope the madness stops and the fun starts soon :)