Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flying in Gemona, spectacular!

During the last weekend I flew in Gemona with Davide, Suan, Gerolf, Tom, Anton, Artur and the Ukrainians. On Saturday, we hit a very special day there. Cloudbase was at 2400 m above the flats and there was rain and abundant lift over the mountains. It was freezing above 2200 m and I didn't put on enough clothes on the hot and sweaty launch. Soon I was freezing in the air and after 1,5 hours, I decided to land because I was shaking all over my body. Anton and Gerolf used the cloud street in the flats and landed on the beach :-)
On Sunday we had different weather with rather turbulent conditions. NW winds were flowing over the mountains, so we mostly flew in light lee conditions on the south faced slopes. Here's a video of that flight, it's a quickly made compilation of Sunday's flight, but I think it has some spectacular views. Check it out :-)

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